Earth without art is just "Eh"

I'm a designer and a bookaholic! I love everything indie, from music to movies to books, and I try to support anyone who uses the independent way to chase their dreams!

I work in the design and advertising industry for the last 13 years and I use reading as a way to clear my mind! In my spare time you'll find me attached to a book!

Why Choose Me?



I was raised in an advertising environment, I studied design and I work in the field for the last 13 years. My whole adult life actually. If you add in the mix my bookaholic issues, you ‘ll come up with a “cursed” design freak. Cursed from the womb.



Everyone is unique. You are unique. I support anyone who uses the independent way of thinking and living. Chase your dreams, I am standing by you.


I have magic

You will soon discover that I may not have fur but I sure rock the alleys!

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